Tungsten Lifetime Warranty

Tungsten Warranty

We have the best warranty in the world! Tungsten is one of the strongest elements in the world(actually second to diamonds). It is extremely difficult to scratch or dent a tungsten ring.  You can be assured that your ring will last you for a lifetime.


Our tungsten rings are engineered to be maintenance-free. Tungsten Heaven provides a lifetime warranty on the sizing, polish and breakage. Under normal usage there will be no sign of wear on the polish of the tungsten ring. However, our tungsten rings with precious metal inlays, due to their soft nature, may show contrasting appearance after normal wear. Also if your Tungsten Ring is coated with a black or gold iron plating(IP), it may scratch. The Tungsten itself is scratch-proof.

Replacement Policy

Our Lifetime Replacement Policy will guarantee that your tungsten ring will be replaced by Tungsten Heaven with no questions asked. Whether your finger becomes too big or small over the years, or for any damage incurred through any accident, we will replace your tungsten ring after the deductible. This policy means that in any highly unlikely event that you need a replacement for your ring, you will receive a brand-new ring, at a fraction of the price! For Domestic U.S.A customers the deductible for solid style/Carbon Fiber/Iron Plated Inlay tungsten rings is $35; all precious metal inlay rings/single diamond cubic zirconia tungsten rings is $50, multi-stone diamond inlay tungsten rings is $80. These prices include shipping and handling as well. For International Customers, please add $20 to the respective prices above for shipping and handling. Please follow the instructions on the form provided. Replacement Form