What will I receive with my ring?

Every ring comes with a beautiful ring display box. Tungsten Rings will come with a Lifetime Replacement Policy which will have detailed instructions if in the event your ring needs to be replaced or resized.

Why don't I see half sizes and what do I do?

Tungsten rings only come in full sizes. That is why you only see full sizes as an option on our site. In the majority of cases the full size down will fit due to the sizing of the tungsten rings and the bevel on the comfort fit band. For example a 10 1/2 in both gold and titanium, will typically result in a perfect fit with a tungsten a size 10.

Do you offer tungsten rings smaller then size g?

The following Tungsten rings are available in smaller sizes: Tungsten Forever BandTungsten Gold Eternity BandThe NeptuneThe AtlasThe LupusThe Gemini, and The Lynx.

Where are your ring forms?

We get our rings directly from our factory suppliers in Los Angeles, CA in the U.S.A.

Where is tungsten material from?

Tungsten is found naturally on earth only in chemical compounds. It’s hard to believe, but tungsten is used in electronics, airplanes, cars, boats, and even light bulbs. There are many uses for tungsten as it has the highest melting point of all the non-alloyed metals and the second highest of all the elements after carbon. That is seriously some tough stuff.

Why are your rings so affordable?

We know what it’s like to save money. However, we also know that all the jewelers that you think are nice and friendly are actually ripping you off on your tungsten rings. Why do they charge you so much? Because they have a nice fancy showroom, and salespeople that just want to make a fat commission off of innocent people like you. We’re making it super affordable. We won’t make a killing off of each ring. And remember our Lifetime Replacement Policy.

Do you provide engraving services?

At the moment we do not provide engraving services. We hope that in the near future we will be able to provide engraving for those that request it.

How fast is shipping?

You will usually receive your ring within 10 – 14 business days through USPS. We have expedited shipping available as well through USPS Priority Mail which arrives within 5-10 business days. If a special request is made, we can send it to you by express mail, overnight or even same day shipping. For those living outside the U.S.A., please expect to receive your ring from 2-3 weeks.

What if I don't have paypal account?

Even if you don’t have a paypal account, you may pay us with any major debit or credit card or through your bank account. Paypal will facilitate your payment and is secure and used by more than 87.2 million people worldwide.

What is your return policy?

Please notify us within 7 days of receipt of the ring if there are any defects, damages or if the sizing is wrong for your ring. Please send us the ring back within 30 days (45 days international) and we will replace your ring immediately, or you may exchange it for another ring of your choice. Please refer to our Lifetime Warranty for more information. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please return the item to us within 14 days (30 days international), we will refund the purchase price less shipping and handling and paypal or credit card processing fees (if applicable). We will inspect the ring for any damages and will refund you accordingly. If the ring is not returned within 14 days (30 days international), a credit will be issued towards a purchase of another ring.