Ring Sizer

Check out Above Ring Sizer.

Or, you can also go to your nearest jeweler and sample some tungsten rings. Of course they’re a few hundred dollars, so refuse the salesman nicely and come back to our website and order one of our killer tungsten rings at a fraction of the cost. Your local jewelers have no game on us.

And don’t worry, when you receive the ring, if it’s too big or too small, simply return it back to us within 30 days of purchase and we’ll send out the correct size. Please notify us within 7 days of purchase that you will be needing a replacement size for your ring through our “Contact Us” page. If the ring is not returned in its original form, a proper fee will be assessed that will not exceed the amount that was paid for the ring. If the ring is made of Tungsten, please refer to our Lifetime Replacement Policy.